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Fast Track to Personal Hell (or Freedom)

I recently decided to read The Four Agreements (by Don Miguel Ruiz) again. This is probably my 4th or 5th time reading the book. There was a specific message I needed to remind myself of and I felt almost compelled to read it and STAT! This book changed my life when I first came across it (easily […]

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Sex Agreements and Sobbing My Face Off

I recently had the most intense cry of my life and my partner was on the other end of the line the whole time.  I almost didn’t talk to him either because I was so hurt by something he had done. My first reaction was to push away from him and shut him out, which […]

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Monthly TarotScopes – October 2014

Hello again my lovely TarotScope fans!! First of all, can you believe September is already over?? Lord almighty – that month FLEW by!! For those that are new to these parts, what you are about to read is me marrying the two things I love the most, tarot and astrology, but also try something different […]

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Hang in There: Inspiration for your Heart

The first point of this PSA is to ‘hang in there’. Feeling so unbelievably blessed these days. Like I want to pinch myself and do happy dances all the time. I’m that person that is so on cloud 9 right now that you don’t know whether to vomit, tell me to shut up or sit […]

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Monthly Tarotscopes – September 2014

If you are new to these parts, HELLO!! So glad to have you here! What you are about to read is me marrying the two things I love the most, tarot and astrology, but also try something different out … consider it a new twist to the monthly horoscopes. I pick one tarot card for each […]

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Want Love? Make Room!

Like anything in life, if you want something really bad, you are gonna have to work for it. This work can be anything – learning the fundamentals, doing research, assigning yourself homework, putting in the effort, doing differently than you have in the past to get a new result. It’s about learning, growing, making mistakes […]

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Monthly Tarotscopes – August 2014

It’s time to finally combine the two esoteric things I have loved from when I was a teenager: astrology and tarot. I can still remember reading the weekly forecasts in the TV Guide religiously (yes, you heard me … TV Guide … told you I started early). Not to mention the monthly forecasts in the various […]

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Why I Do What I Do

There is a virtual baton that is being passed around the blogging community at the moment and where normally I would not be one to jump on any bandwagon (yes, I am a rebel … or shall I say ‘unconventional’ at heart, always have been, always will be) … this felt different. When you get […]

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Exposing an Attraction Killer: Expectations

Time to expose one of the biggest seduction and attraction killers: expectations. To figure out what your expectations are, you need to look in and not out. The definition of an expectation is: “A strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.” Let’s say for example wanting the person we […]

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